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Why Should Curd And Sour Substances Not Be Kept In Brass And Copper Vessels?

Curd is acidic in nature. When metals such as Copper and Brass react with an acid, hydrogen gas is liberated and metal salts are formed. These salts get mixed with curd and ruin the taste of curd and the metal container gets corroded as well.

This also changes the texture of the curd. The taste turns even more sour and salty. The texture becomes rougher and also, the color changes. In some cases, the color turns paler.

Consuming metallic salts is harmful to our body and we should be very careful about it. We should make sure not to store curd or any other sour substance in metallic vessels.

Which Vessels Should Be Used Instead?

There are a variety of materials found on this planet of which we use plenty in our kitchens too. The only things that curd and sour substances react with are metals.

You can choose from a wide variety of containers to store your curd and pickles. Here are some options for you:

  1. Tupperware plastic containers
  2. Ceramic vessels
  3. Steel utensils
  4. Glass containers
  5. Wooden utensils
  6. Acrylic storage containers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can curd be protected?

The only way to save curd is to store it in any container except for metallic vessels. It is highly toxic to use copper and brass utensils to store sour substances. There is no way to prevent it.

Can we store milk in copper vessels?

No, it is not recommended to store milk in copper vessels. Milk has a high concentration of lactic acid in it. And alike curd milk will also react with the copper vessel and turn it toxic.

Can we drink water stored in a copper container?

Yes, it is advised to drink water from a copper bottle. It keeps the water fresh and free of bacteria. 

What if I drink lemon water from a copper tumbler?

Lemon is sour in taste. It has citric acid in it. And reading the above article we have already established that it is not safe to have sour substances and metallic vessels come in contact with each other. 
Hence, if you drink lemon water from a copper tumbler you will intake metallic salts that will harm you.

Does curd react with silver?

Yes, curd can react with silver at moderate temperatures to release hydrogen and form silver salts with curd. 

Can I give milk in silverware to my kid?

Yes, you can definitely serve milk to your kid. In olden times, milk was induced with silver coins to retain freshness over a longer period of time. Also, it is believed that silver destroys viruses, bacteria, and germs in the food.

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Advice is often passed onto us by our elders that we should not store sour substances like curd in brass or copper vessels. We readily agree and obey it but often forget to enquire about the reason behind it.

We reminded you of the specific cause of why it is a bad idea to overlook this important piece of advice. Also, listing of the consequences it might lead to.

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