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Why Is Catering Called Craft Services? Catering vs Craft Services

Have you ever been on a film set? If yes, then you would know about the big giant table with all the food. 

The crafty table is where the hairdresser or for that matter anyone is to be found if they go missing from their usual seat.

People often label anyone who looks after the food needs as a caterer but it is not so. There are significant differences when it comes to a caterer and a craft service provider.

Why Catering Is Called Craft Services At Movie Sets?

Crafting is a term associated with film sets. The variety of work done at movie sets such as lighting, makeup, operating camera, costumes, etc are considered “crafts”. Craft services are the food services provided on the sets of a movie to the cast and the crew. 

The scale of the craft services varies according to the budget of the set. If it is an independent, low-budget film, there might just be a single table on the set with packs of munchies, cookies, chips, and granola bars.

If the film is upscale, there is bound to be a truck-load to choose from. The items can range from sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers to all sorts of coffee options too.

Craft Services are for anyone and everyone on the film set. Be it the actors, director, support staff, the crew, or visitors on the set.

The crafties are ready with food for everyone. Also, if the shoot extends to a long schedule, the craft services are generous enough to find out the likes and dislikes of everyone on the set.

People involved in Craft services are often the most hardworking people on the set. They are the ones that shoulder the responsibility to keep everyone energized and rejuvenated to work efficiently.

Is Craft Services Same As Catering?

No, craft services are not the same as catering.

Here’s a list of differences between catering and craft services:

  1. Caterers serve hot sit-down meals twice or thrice a day.
  2. Caterers have a scheduled time for serving the food.
  3. Caterers serve heavy and proper meals, not snacks.
  4. The crew members do not always have catering services for them (in case of low-budget independent films)

Craft services is not always about the food!

Crafting Services are not always about providing the crew with snacks and beverages. They are also stocked up on multiple things that lie beyond the domain of food.

If you talk to a couple of organizations offering craft services, you will realize they ain to keep the crew happy and satisfied. They serve the crew.

Why Craft Services Are Needed?

Film schedules are often long and tiring. It is not practically possible for anyone to leave the set to grab a bite when they want to.

Sometimes the set is located in adverse locations where food is not readily available. In such situations, it is required to take the food to the people. Here craft services come into play!

People working for craft services reach the sets before everyone else and make sure there are ample food and water for everyone. Many times, people miss out on the scheduled meals due to routine. The crafty table feeds them well.

Hence, you can find regular medicines, disposable cutlery, and even common stationery with them. They are rightly the lifeline of any set. Food is something that keeps everyone upbeat, right?

How Craft Services Started?

In the mid-20th century, theatres were a major source of entertainment. Hence, the activities around one were also abuzz. Soon, the actors became so busy that they had no time to look after their needs.

The same was with other members of the team. There was no one to look after the small but essential tasks of the stage. There came the craft services.

Their tasks included getting coffees for everyone, cleaning up the stage after the performance, and looking after the props of the act. Soon, they evolved into an integral part of the whole production.

We discussed everything related to catering and craft services. If you found this article informative, then do spread the love. Share it with your friends and family.

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