why do we like cold drinks and hot food

Why Do We Like Cold Drinks and Hot Food? Is Hot Food More Satisfying?

Ever wondered why we like our food to be hot and prefer our drinks to be cold? 

No restaurant or household would serve you cold food. It is often a sign of stale or bad food. Most of the food we eat is cooked and served hot. But oftentimes hot food is accompanied with cold beverages. 

In this article, we will try to explain the reason behind this. 

Hot Food vs Cold Food

Why Do We Like Cold Drinks and Hot Food?

Since ancient times, cooked food means fresh, germ-free food. Another possible explanation for this is that heating was invented long before freezing. So, it was the only way that ensured food was safe to eat. This gave enough time for people to develop a taste for hot cooked food.

Hot food has more flavor than cold food. Most of our tasting experience is based on smell, and heating helps break the aromatic particles which reach our nose, making us feel hungry. Moreover, our tongue receptors can taste the flavors more vividly when the food is hot as opposed to when it is cold. This makes hot food taste better and more flavourful. 

Cold drinks reduce thirst more significantly than hot drinksCold drinks also give a cooling effect to the mouth and when cold stimuli are applied to the mouth, they provide satiation of thirst.

Cooling sensations are also strongly related to refreshing feelings. Drinks being cold or at icy temperatures is the most important characteristic that makes it refreshing. 

Why Do People Like Hot Drinks? 

When we consume hot drinks, the thermosensors in our esophagus react. This causes the sweat flow to increase. Therefore, hot drinks are mildly effective in warming us. Moreover, a hot drink can relieve you from flu symptoms like runny nose, sore throat, and cough. They can also help in reducing pain levels, particularly sweet hot beverages. 

hot drinks

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Why Are Hot Drinks Comforting? 

The consumption of hot drinks causes the brain cells to release endorphins making one feel better and uplifting the mood. Hence, people often find hot drinks comforting and it also provides them relief from stress. 

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Benefits of Eating Warm Food

Warm food is easily digested by our bodies. Because warm food takes longer to eat, it aids in digestion, providing the body with less work to break down the food, and helps absorb nutrients from the food

It is no doubt that hot food tastes better. You are more likely to be drawn towards the smell of hot food than cold food. The taste receptors pick up the taste better and send a strong signal to the brain when the food is hot.

Therefore, taste perception is intensified when the temperature increases. But it is not a hard and fast rule, some dishes may taste better cold rather than hot. 

Disadvantages of Eating Hot Food

When you steam or boil the vegetables, most of the nutrients and vitamins from the vegetables are left in the water. While this may make the vegetables easier to eat, the nutritional value of the food is reduced in the process. 

Side Effects of Eating Cold Food

When you consume cold food there is a chance you may experience soreness, irritation, or pain in your throat. People with sensitive throats must avoid consuming cold food as they are highly likely to experience these. Moreover, eating food that is too cold can give you a stomach ache or even diarrhea. 

Is Eating Cold Food Bad For Digestion? 

Cold food forces your digestive system to work harder in order to break down and digest the nutrients. This might make you feel bloated or experience digestive sensitivity after consuming a cold meal.

Is It Bad To Eat Cold Food in The Morning? 

Eating cold food can be harsh on your digestive system. Therefore, for those with digestive issues having a warm breakfast is a better option. 

Does Eating Cold Food Make You Sick?

Unless you are allergic or the food is contaminated, you are not likely to get sick by eating cold food. When you get sick, it is often because of the bacteria present in the food and not the temperature of the food. Most food is safe to be consumed straight out of the fridge. 

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Eating warm food and drinking cold drinks is almost like a fact. Although, some people may be different and prefer the opposite. 

Whatever your choice may be, it will have its pros and cons. You can always evaluate your preferences.

We hope this article helped you understand why we like hot food and cold drinks. If it did, please spread the information by sharing it with your friends and family,