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Which Food is Allowed in Delhi Metro in 2020? [Updated List]

Have you ever wondered which food is allowed in Delhi Metro? We often get perplexed as to what is allowed and what is prohibited but don’t worry, we are your guide for the issue.

Have you ever been stopped from carrying any type of luggage in the metro? Or been interrupted at the frisking for possessing items forbidden in the train?

Though we use the metro daily, we hardly are sure of what is allowed and what is prohibited inside the metro train. We must be aware of the rules and the guidelines provided to avoid any kind of trouble.

List of Items Not Allowed in Delhi Metro

  1. No goods other than a small suitcase containing personal belongings not exceeding 60 cm * 45 cm * 25 cm in size and 45 kg in weight
  2. Explosive substances, which possess the risk of explosion, or fire, or both
  3. Plants
  4. Gases, compressed, liquefied, or dissolved under pressure
  5. Petroleum and other inflammable liquids
  6. Inflammable solids
  7. Oxidizing substances
  8. Poisonous (toxic) substances
  9. Acids and other corrosives
  10. Radioactive substances
  11. Blood, dried
  12. Corpses
  13. Carcasses of dead animals
  14. Bones, excluding bleached and cleaned bones
  15. Manure of any kind
  16. Rags, including oily rags
  17. Any decayed animal or vegetable matter
  18. Human ashes
  19. Parts of the human body
  20. Any other article declared as dangerous or offensive material by the metro railway administration

Click here for the official DMRC document.  

Is Allowed in Delhi Metro?

We all have seen our fellow passengers biting down an apple or relishing a chocolate bar beside us but is it really allowed?

Carrying food items inside the metro train is allowed. However, you are not allowed to eat anything inside the train.

You should have your meal properly packed inside a tiffin or in foil wrap and you won’t be bothered. Also, raw fruits and veggies are allowed as well. But it is strictly forbidden to consume any eatables once inside the train.

You are allowed to eat at the various food outlets present inside the metro stations but eating inside the train is not allowed.

Interested in knowing all the licenses required to open a food outlet in Delhi? Click here.

Is Hookah Allowed in Delhi Metro?

Yes, you can pack hookah properly and carry it with you with no problems. However, you can’t smoke hookah inside the train.

Is Cigarette Allowed in Delhi Metro?

Yes, just like most of the day-to-day items, cigarette packets are also allowed inside the Delhi metro but you are not allowed to smoke.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the metro premises be it the station or the rail.

Is Lighter Allowed in Delhi Metro?

As per the earlier rules, it was prohibited to have a lighter or matchbox with you but recent tweaks in the rules by the DMRC has led to this development.

So yes, now each person is allowed to carry just one lighter or matchbox with them.

Is Alcohol Allowed in Delhi Metro?

Consuming or carrying alcohol is strictly banned in the Delhi Metro. Even sealed bottles of alcohol are not allowed to pass through. 

Is Perfume Bottle Allowed in Delhi Metro?

Do not be surprised if the metal detector machine cites your bottle of perfume as an explosive material. It has happened many times to many people. 

The fact is that the body of the perfume bottle is made up of metal and the contents of perfume or deodorant have a considerable amount of alcohol in them. Due to this, your bottle of perfume might get caught by the machine but after frisking the guards will let you go your way.

It is a bit annoying but the safety of the nation comes first.

Common Questions

What will happen if I get caught eating inside the metro?

If you are found breaking the rules or flouting the guidelines, you can face a heavy penalty up to INR 5000. Also, for more serious crimes you can face up to 4 years of the prison sentence.

What if I am carrying something I should not and get caught at the machine?

If you are found in possession of anything that is prohibited in the metro rail premises, the authorities will seize the commodity and are liable to take action against you.

What if I lose my belongings at the Delhi Metro?

If you lose something inside the Delhi Metro premises, you should contact the concerned authorities at the station. Also, you can lodge a request at the online grievance portal.

Do I get back my prohibited items that get caught?

It is unlikely that you will ever see your prohibited goods again if seized by the security forces. It is better to be self-analytical in such situations and avoid trouble.

Can women carry pocket knives and pepper sprays in Delhi metro?

Yes, women are allowed to carry pocket knives and pepper sprays for their personal safety even though they are prohibited.


Traveling in the Delhi Metro started as an adventure when it first came to the city. Gradually it became an indispensable part of our daily commute life.

Delhi Metro has proved itself to be one of the best ways for the citizens of the city. Though there is always a big cloud of the doubt when we travel in the metro regarding what we can and cannot carry. 

We hope we helped you out to sort out the things that you are allowed to carry with yourself. If you garnered any useful information from this article, do spread the love. Share it with your friends and family.

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