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What To Eat on Friendship Day 2020 With Friends? [Fun Ideas]

Confused on what to eat on friendship day 2020 with friends? Here we are with a list of food items that you should definitely try out with your gang.

Nothing can explain the love of friends better than food. Every friendship has that one dish as their signature, something you have when your gang meets up, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, it is not really the best time to hit your favorite food joint for a meetup. Hence, we need options we can either easily prepare at home or easily get them from nearby food outlets.

So this friendship day, rejuvenate your bond by meeting up for your signature meal at your own place and let nostalgia hit you.

Top 9 Things You Can Eat on Friendship Day 2020 With Friends:

Hot Fudge Brownie

What’s a celebration without a little bout of chocolate? Hot fudge brownies can steal away even the hearts of an enemy so why not melt away your friends’?

Do you have have a friend who is upset with you? Break the grudge with fudge! Bring them one and rejoice in the old love of your friendship.

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Coffee and Pancakes

What better way to reminisce your long friendship than over a steaming cup of coffee? Coffee and pancakes are the best combinations to set the mood for long nostalgic talks.

Call up that old friend of yours whom you haven’t met in a long time this friendship day.

Share the same laughter shed some wistful tears and bind your friendship in a stronger bond.

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Caramel Popcorn

Its friendship day! Make it your day! Gang up your besties, get that favorite series on the television, and pop some hot caramel popcorn.

No date can even compare to this house date with your buds!

caramel popcorn

Popcorn has been there always all through the stages of friendship, isn’t it? It starts with the usual ones at a movie theatre with your first movie and gradually it shifts to home dates.

Relive those awesome times and make the best of the day.

Chinese Platter

Are you and your friends a big devotee of the millennial cafes scattered around the city? Then you are also definitely a hog on the noodle culture too! 

Live up your cherished memories again and make new ones. Take insta-worthy pictures and boast of your fun gang.

You can cook some of the best platters and fall in love with them.

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Well there is nothing like a friendship day celebration without a plate of hot steamy momos, isn’t it? 

There have been some strong friendship bonds that have been formed on that momo stall near your place, aren’t I right? Momos have definitely redefined and rebuilt bonds. 

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So, why not spend your day with your friends going for the best of momos there are to devour. Share some laughter and lost anecdotes over the hot platter.


I bet you’ve at least fought once with your best friend for that last slice of pizza, right? Or maybe ordered them a large one to help get over their ex?

There is always a great pizza story attached to every friendship! So get over to your friend’s place with a surprise pizza!

Don’t know how to cook an easy pizza at home? Click here for an Easy Bread Pizza Recipe!

Chole Bhature

If you and your gang are an Indie food gang then what better than getting yourself to tear up some hot greasy bhaturas with sizzling chole, raw onion, and fried mirchi. 

You can always cook it in your kitchen, make it spicier to perk up your tastebuds, and have a great time with your companions. 

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Or track down the best places near you and make loads of memories. Click here for the best Chole Bhatura places near you!

Gol Gappe

Girl gangs are always a big fan of gol gappe, is yours too? They are little balls of spicy, crunchy heaven. Then why not have at it on your day?

Hit up that favorite shack of yours, ask bhaiya to refrain from attending to anyone else but you girls, why? Because you are going to have a gol gappa competition. That’s right!

What better way to indulge in a little fun with your girlfriends! Also, do you know that gol gappe are not just about spicy-minty water anymore but everything else too?

For example, there’s new chocolate gol gappe, red velvet gol gappe, cheese gol gappe are a hit with the Delhiites. Find the best ones in the city and fall in love with its street food all over again.

Click for some of the best unique Gol Gappas in Delhi!

Ice Candy/Gola

Did you or did you not sneak out with your friends in your childhood days for a chilly ice popsicle?

Why not go for it again this friendship day? Why not bring alive the memories dumped deep down?

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It’s time to be your own candyman and make that orange or cola ice candy, and live your childhood days again.

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