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India Has No National Dish, Not Even Khichdi – Here’s Why!

Are you aware that apart from a national animal, bird and sport almost every country also has a national dish? Yes, today we are here to talk about the national dish of India.

A national dish is an integral part of a nation’s identity and self-image. It rightfully describes the preferred taste of the country. It is something from which the taste of the country could be identified on a global platform.

However, if you search the national food for India, we must tell you there isn’t any!

India being a highly diverse country, has no national dish. The reason being, it is not possible to choose a single dish that can justify the culture and taste of all the people and regions.

India is a country of numerous communities and languages. Each turn renders a new dialect and a different recipe for the same dish. At the same time, each has its own exquisite culture and traditions. To choose a single dish is guaranteed to upset the other community that might not relate to it.

The cuisine of such diversified countries simply cannot be represented by any single national dish. Hence for India, even after having multiple popular food items, none has been granted the title of the national dish of the country. 

However, a few years back there were several rumors and media hypes stating that the government of India was planning on designating khichdi as the national dish but the rumors were later slammed by the government.


But Khichdi still tends to be the undeclared national dish of India. You might be wondering of all the delicious food India habitats, why khichdi? Well, there are multiple reasons.

Khichdi is probably the only dish that is eaten across the country, in all regions. Khichdi leaps over the socio-economic boundaries too.

Reasons Why Khichdi Can Be The National Dish of India

  1. Comfort Food

This is a fact that everyone will agree to. Khichdi is the ultimate comfort food for any Indian. It can be made with the least amount of effort and fill the tummies just the same.

  1. Surpasses Socio-Economic Barriers

Be it the rich or the poor, everyone consumes khichdi alike. It is rare for anything to cross the socio-economic disparity but khichdi does it in style.

  1. Easily Available

It is cooked in a variety of manners all over the country. But the essential ingredients remain the same, that is, rice and dal. These two things are easily available to everyone. Hence, is khichdi too.

  1. Can be Eaten During Fasts

Khichdi is a wholesome dish that can be savored during the holy fasts too. Devotees fast on various occasions and eat only one meal. Khichdi proves to be nutritious and restores their energy banks.

  1. Is A Holy Prasad

During Durga Puja in West Bengal, khichdi is offered to Maa Durga. It is then distributed as prasad to the devotees. 

Khichdi is also considered good for the stomach. It has a lot of roughage and fiber which is good for our health. It is advised to occasionally include khichdi in our diets. Moreover, even doctors recommend to include it in our diets when our health isn’t good.

Khichdi is made of dals and rice. Dals are a good source of protein and hence helps you keep full for longer. This aids in weight loss too.

Other Strong Contenders For The National Dish Title

As discussed above, the national dish is the one that most sections of the society relate to and agree with. Here are other dishes that are widely consumed by the masses.

  1. Dal

Dal is the daily staple food of the majority of the Indian population. It might be cooked in very different manners across the nation, but has its presence felt in all homes.

  1. Rice

Rice might not be a proper dish but is consumed in all parts of the country alike. It is most often accompanied by other dishes and even if it is not, it is cooked in many ways.

  1. Samosa

Samosas are the ultimate snack for the country. It is eaten in many regions of the country and loved by all. This is mainly because of the love for potatoes.

  1. Golgappe

Golgappe is something that has originated in India. It rightly associates with everyone. It has various flavors ranging from spicy to sweet. There is hardly any Indian who would say no to golgappe.

  1. Biryani

Last but not the least, this Persian delight is a favorite of the masses in India. Every state has a particular style of cooking biryani. It is biryani that can give a close competition to khichdi in a public poll.

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The National Dish of any country symbolizes the taste and richness of the culture of that country. In the case of India, there is no national dish. India, being as diverse as it is, has no official national dish.

It is not fair to choose one dish to represent the whole country which is overflowing with scrumptious dishes that are dear to one community or the other.

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