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Best Protein Rich Breakfast For Vegetarian People [Non-Egg/Egg]

When it comes to numbers, there are not many options available for protein rich breakfast for vegetarian people, especially if you don’t consume egg. But don’t worry, we are here with some of the best breakfast options that are rich in protein.

An engine needs fuel to run and we need our breakfast to go about our day. We often seem to underestimate the worth of a hearty and wholesome breakfast. Then, we go about our day complaining about how tiring our work is. 

Are your mornings chaotic too? Of course, if you are a working person it has to be. In such a messy mind, we often fail to think of a healthy breakfast and generally decide to pick something on the way. Or for some of us who do value health, have that bowl of regular cereal day after day consecutively.

Why subject yourself to such a mundane torcher when you have plenty of fish in the sea? We require about 50 to 60 grams of proteins daily. That is the daily requirement. The best meal to include proteins is said to be the breakfast. So just read along to find some amazing and wise alternatives.

Best Non-Egg Protein Rich Breakfast For Vegetarian People

Many people around the globe are turning vegan by the day. Also, there are individuals who have some kind of aversion to eggs or do not consume it. For such fellows, we seriously follow the disclaimer: NO EGGS

  1. Instant Yogurt Pot

Yogurt has a lot of goodness in it and we know it! Adding a dash of freshly diced fruits like bananas, strawberries, cherries, and also dry fruits can easily make it a complete wholesome meal that provides 18 g of proteins to you. Additionally, it is lip-smackingly delicious.

yogurt pot Protein Rich Breakfast For Vegetarian

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  1. Quinoa Oatmeals

Quinoa is just any other grain or so you might think. But it is a rich source of protein and dietary fiber for you. Including quinoa in your meals is a wise choice for anyone who is concerned about meeting their daily nutritional needs. It adds up to 10g of proteins to your meals.

  1. Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Just the mention of a banana smoothie with yum savory chocolate blended in it can easily make anyone drool. Well, you will be pleased to know that this drink is rich in its protein content (20g). So, all those who were searching for that perfect protein enricher for their breakfast here is your answer!

banana chocolate smoothie Protein Rich Breakfast For Vegetarian
  1. Besan Chila

Besan or gram flour is rich in protein as is. But when you add fresh veggies and spices to it, the meal becomes relishing. You can add chilies, beans, onions, tomatoes, carrots, and other veggies alike to the batter. One serving serves you with 18g of proteins which is good.

  1. Milk Dalia

Dalia is quite a regular at many homes already. It is made in two ways, one with milk and another without milk. The milk dalia is a better choice for breakfast in the morning considering it has the goodness of milk in it. One bowl of milk dalia serves you with 15g of proteins.

  1. Sprouts

Sprouts are a permanent member of the healthy-food club. That is sufficient reason for it to be on this list, isn’t it? One serving of sprouts offers you 12g of proteins and 13g of carbs. Also, they do not take much time off your busy mornings. 

sprouts salad Protein Rich Breakfast For Vegetarian
Image credits: Atelier Joly – Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Best Protein Rich Breakfast For Vegetarian People With Egg

Well, there is certainly a considerable amount of people who appreciate a decent helping of eggs for their breakfast. Keeping in mind their preferences we have curated a list of healthy options that are quick to make and provide you rich nutritional benefits.

  1. Scrambled Egg Pair

Who doesn’t like a decent serving of eggs for the breakfast? Scrambled eggs are easy and really quick to make. On a busy day, just bump two of them together in a pan and there you go! A pair of scrambled egg serving grants you 15 grams of proteins that is nearly one-fourth of your daily requirement.

  1. Avocado And Omelette

Avocado is always halfway on the liking chart. But I can assure you having avocado in your egg omelet is definitely gonna boost up the protein quotient of your breakfast. It takes hardly 5 minutes to make and provides to with 13 grams of protein.

  1. Cheesy Egg Peppers

Do you like cheese? Of course, you do. Stuffing colorful peppers with egg and cheese grants you 19 grams of protein. These might not be that quick to make in the mornings but it tastes extra heavenly for healthy food. Also, you can prepare the stuffing beforehand and just bake these right away. That ‘s a quick fix!

  1. Eggwhite And Oatmeal Pancakes

We all just love pancakes, do we not? Now just a little twitch in the regular batter and your meal would be even more wholesome. Adding eggwhite and oatmeal to the usual batter increases the protein fraction to 25g. Also, it tastes really good with a temper of dry fruits and honey.

  1. Cottage Cheese And Egg Muffins

Cottage cheese aka Paneer is a good companion to our Mr. Egg. Making mini muffins with egg and cottage cheese together is fun and delicious. It serves us with 18 g of proteins right away. Having them for breakfast is very fulfilling.

High Protein, Low Carb Breakfast

For all those people pout there who are struggling to lose weight, it is quite tricky to decide what to include and what to drop. Here is a list of breakfast choices that are low on carbohydrates and fats with high on proteins. So, choose the one tingle your tastebuds!

  1. Banana Pancakes

Bananas are said to be the fruit of the fittest. They have many health attributes that we generally just overlook. Making banana pancakes is a mere 10 minutes job and then you have a serving of just 16g carbs and 20g protein. This is a very healthy option for your breakfast.

  1. Cheese Samosa

Samosas are always assumed to be on the unhealthy side of the scale. But they don’t have to be. Making subtle changes to its filling can go a long way. Instead of having potato stuffing, if you replace it with cauliflower and cheese, a serving offers 13g of protein and just 7g of carbs.

  1. Cauliflower Upma

Upma is a popular and rather loved dish of the South-Indian cuisine. If we add cauliflower also to the traditional recipe, it can be more healthy. One serving will provide 10g of protein and 9g of carbohydrates, all the while taking care of your health woes.

  1. Peanut Butter Toast

The quickest breakfast fix is a toast. Do you not agree? But what if a little addition to it could enhance its taste and its nutritional value. A generous spreading of peanut butter increases t nutritional benefits of the meal. It offers 14g of proteins and only 12g of carbohydrates.

peanut butter toast Protein Rich Breakfast For Vegetarian
  1. Chickpea Pancakes

We have already seen how bananas fix the nutritional quotient of the pancakes. Chickpea is another such ingredient that grants pancakes the superpower to be called healthy. Chickpea pancakes provide 15g of proteins of 17g of carbohydrates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the amount of daily requirement of carbs?

The daily amount of carbohydrates required by a human body ranges from 250 to 325 grams. The exact amount depends on various parameters like gender, age, built, purpose, and more.

Why are proteins necessary?

Protein, aka the body-building block of body, is highly crucial for growth and development in children. They also help repair body cells and make new ones.

What if we skip breakfast?

There are no immediate results of skipping breakfast except feeling tired and irritated the whole day. But if you keep repeating this, it will lower your immunity and your defense will grow weaker.

Are protein shakes good for breakfast?

It is okay to have protein shakes for breakfast. They are a quick way to grasp all the nutrients. Also, they are really helpful when it comes to weight loss and muscle growth.

What is good protein breakfast to lose weight?

Oatmeal, poha, moong dal chilla, dalia, eggs, and all the foods alike are really beneficial when it comes to losing weight really quickly.

Is it okay to drink protein shake on an empty stomach?

There are no proofs of any harm caused due to consuming protein shake on an empty stomach. Also, having good amounts of protein for breakfast curbs any unwanted cravings for the day.


Deciding what to have for meals is really tiring, especially when it is breakfast. You already shoulder the worries of the entire day, we do not want you fretting over your breakfast too.

We curated a collection of well-defined lists for each of your preferences as we knew them. If you are in search of the recipes for some of the best and nutritious breakfasts, we have just the right thing for you.

If you found your goto breakfast choice here, then spread the love. Share us with your friends and family.