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Mannarasala Ayilyam

Mannarasala Ayilyam Festival 2021: The Serpent God Temple

Kerala is rightfully known as ‘God’s own country’ because of its scenic beauty, picturesque hill stations, lush greenery, and enchanting beaches. The region is also famous for its rich culture, traditions, and festivals.  In Kerala, we find the perfect amalgamation of the past and the present. The younger generations embrace their unique culture and traditions […]

top bcaa rich vegetarian foods

Top 21 BCAA Rich Vegetarian Food Items Found In Your Kitchen

Branched Chain Amino Acids are a group of three essential amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. They are the building blocks of protein and represent 35-40% of all the essential amino acids present in our body. Leucine is important to build muscle protein. Meanwhile, Isoleucine and Valine produce energy and help regulate blood sugar levels.  […]

monosodium glutamate MSG

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in Food: Why is MSG Bad?

Monosodium Glutamate widely known as MSG or Ajinomoto is a common food additive; used to enhance the flavor. It is a combination of sodium and glutamic acid. It is mostly used in Asian food as well as many processed foods. ‘Chinese Restaurant Syndrome’ is an outdated term that was used in the ’90s to describe […]

masik shivratri

Masik Shivratri Fast 2022: What To Eat and What Not To Eat

Masik or Masa Shivaratri translates to ‘monthly night of Lord Shiva’. On the 14th day of each month, during the Krishna Paksha (waning moon half), devotees of Lord Shiva observe a fast and pray to gain control over their senses and restraint their malicious feelings of anger, jealousy, pride, and greed.  It is the darkest […]

difference between paneer and mozzarella cheese

Difference Between Paneer and Mozzarella Cheese

Paneer is widely called cottage cheese in the west. This is the reason why people often get confused with cheese and paneer.  Cheese is everyone’s favorite and so is paneer. They are key ingredients of many dishes. However, being confused between the two can lead to some drastic culinary mishaps.  Here we are to unfold […]