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Importance of Food Science in Hotel Management & Catering

Wondering why is food science a subject when you choose hotel management? Well, they both go hand in hand. We will elaborate on why!

Food Science is of the utmost importance when it comes to the hospitality industry. Hospitality industry focuses on serving people and food is an undivided part of it.

The justification for this claim is the simple fact that food science is the ethical way to maintain a respectable standard for the food served. Also, if the standard norms are compromised, any entity is liable to incur fines and losses.

Importance of Food Science In Hotel Management

Hospitality Industry is nothing but serving the customers with a quality experience. We can achieve it only when we can understand the standards of quality.

  1. Quality Standard

It is a hot debate that do the hoteliers understand the importance of quality food? One can attempt to understand the standards only if they understand food and its additives.

With the right knowledge, even the conscience of a person awakens and his perception broadens.

  1. Safety Norms

When it comes to food, safety needs to be assured. You might wonder, hoe does safety relate to food. Additives used in food are not always healthy. Hence, comes the safety of your health.

With the right knowledge granted by food sciences, a person can better comprehend the usage of additives and other ingredients.

  1. Experimenting Food

If you serve the same old dishes that are being served at 100 other places too, can you attract the customers? No! There has to be something unique in what you are offering to lure customers.

Food Science helps us to understand the nuances of food. This empowers us to experiment and create new delicious delicacies. Also, innovating scrumptious but nutritional food. 

Food Science grants us the wisdom to make the best use of our food resources while minimizing waste. Utilizing food science in hotel management helps to keep the food standards high.

Hotels can incur heavy fines and great losses if the food quality is adequate. This is why food science is important in hotel management.

What Is Food Science?

Food Science as the name suggests is the science behind the food. Food Science is a multi-disciplinary field involving chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, microbiology, and engineering.

The knowledge of all the mentioned fields is then devoted to solving real-world problems associated with the many facets of the food system.

It includes understanding the chemistry of food components, their processing and preservation methods, and all things related.

5 Fields of Food Science

  1. Food Microbiology
  2. Food Engineering and Processing 
  3. Food Chemistry and Biochemistry
  4. Nutrition
  5. Sensory Analysis

The commitment of food science and technology towards advancing the science of food, ensuring safe and abundant food supply, and contributing to healthier people everywhere defines the importance of food science in the hotel management.

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