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IIT Roorkee: Mess Food Review – All Hostels With Day-Wise Charts

Got admission in IIT Roorkee but worried about the hostel and mess food? Do not worry we got you covered! 

Colleges come along the word hostels. Hostels are nothing but just a home away from home. There is where we start a new chapter of our life.

But will that chapter be any good without good food and great accommodation? No, right? Being curious about your hostel is natural and required. 

Hence, we decided to do this article to help you calm your qualms. Read on to find an honest review of the campus of IIT Roorkee.

IIT Roorkee Hostels

IIT Roorkee defines its hostels as Bhawans. There are 20 such bhawans on the sprawling IIT Roorkee campus. Of these 20, 10 are reserved for boys, 3 are meant to accommodate girls, 6 for married scholars, and also there is a co-ed hostel. 

Boys’ Hostels:

  1. Azad Bhawan
  2. Cautley Bhawan
  3. Ganga Bhawan
  4. Govind Bhawan
  5. Jawahar Bhawan
  6. Radhakrishnan Bhawan
  7. Rajendra Bhawan
  8. Rajiv Bhawan
  9. Ravindra Bhawan
  10. Malviya Bhawan

Girls’ Hostels:

  1. Sarojini Bhawan
  2. Kasturba Bhawan
  3. Indira Bhawan

Married Hostels:

  1. G. P. Hostel
  2. M.R. Chopra Hostel
  3. Azad Wing
  4. D.S. Barrack
  5. A.N Khosla House
  6. K.I.H.

Co-Ed Hostel:

  1. Vigyan Kunj

Hostels are managed by the Warden and alike all other IITs, with the help of a Student Council. The council looks after the needs and wants of all the students. 

These hostels are designed to be a modern residing home for students from across the country and the world. Every hostel is fully equipped to cater to all the needs of the students. 

A lot of fun and recreational activities are organized for students to indulge in like midnight cricket tournaments, early morning bakar sessions, community computer warfare, and many more.

Each hostel has Bhawan canteens that are open till midnight to serve the residents with midnight hunger pangs. As opposed to the earlier settlement, now the hostels house students from all study courses and years together. 

Also, the institute boasts of a truly clean aesthetic learning environment that aims for the growth of each individual. If we go by the alumni and current students, they quote that IIT Roorkee is one of the best choice among all IITs.

IIT Roorkee Hostel Mess Food

There is an interesting fact about some IITs that each hostel does not only have a mess but also a canteen and a juice shop for the students.

Alike IIT Kharagpur and IIT Guwahati, IIT Roorkee also has these facilities. The mess operates according to its scheduled timings. Besides, canteen and the juice shop is open all day round.

About the mess food, IIT Roorkee excels at this too! It is said to serve the best quality food among all the premier institutes. The satisfactory rate of students is high here.

YouTube video

The mess menu is updated every week to maintain the newness for the students. Also, every mess serves a special dish or a sweet dish with dinner.

Another interesting fact is that they have a music system in the mess area to ward off the dullness while having food.

IIT Roorkee has maintained its reputation over the years. It serves the best food in a hygienic environment. Many students have testified it time and again.

IIT Roorkee Mess Food Chart

iit roorkee mess food chart

Other Food Options At IIT Roorkee Campus

Apart from the juice stalls, canteens, and messes at each hostel if a student wants something new to try, IIT Roorkee offers a loads of places on its campus itself.

  1. Georgia Cafe
  2. Nescafe
  3. Cafe Coffe Day
  4. Amul Parlor
  5. Saatviko Idea Cafe
  6. Alphar Cafe
  7. Hostel Cafes

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Hostels are an unavoidable phase of all our lives. However, before stepping into one we should have some knowledge about them right?

IIT Roorkee is the institute that we covered today. It is deemed to be a premier institute of technology in our country. 

Along with it, it fulfills its responsibility of taking good care of its students in all the terms that it counts be it food or accommodation or education.

If we helped you to have a clearer picture of your future, then do spread the love. Share it with your friends and family.

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