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IIT Kharagpur: Mess Food Review – All Hostels With Day-Wise Chart

It is always a dilemma when it comes to hostels and mess food. We are here to cover IIT Kharagpur today. Wondering how your next home of a few years would be?

IITs and IIMs are the most prestigious institutions in our country. These are the ones that every child aims to get into. Unfortunately, not everyone makes it.

We have already covered a few other IIT Delhi and IIT Guwahati, so let us talk about IIT Kharagpur today. It is only fitting to focus our attention on the hostel and mess solely.

We bring to you the information about IIT Kharagpur’s hostels and an honest review of the mess food.

IIT Kharagpur Hostels

The hostels at IIT Kharagpur have a specific lingo for them on the campus. There are called ‘Halls of Residence’. Inside the vast campus of IIT Kharagpur, there are 22 massive hostels.

These 22 massive halls of residence aim to accommodate undergraduate students, postgraduate students, research scholars, married pupils, teaching staff, administration staff, as well as the working staff.

Of the twenty-two hostels, five are reserved for girls, 10 for boys, 3 for married pupils, and rest for the staff.

  1. Azad Hall of Residence
  2. BC Roy Hall of Residence
  3. BR Ambedkar Hall of Residence 
  4. Gokhale Hall of Residence
  5. Homi J Bhabha Hall of Residence
  6. J C Bose Hall of Residence
  7. Lala Lajpat Rai Hall of Residence
  8. Nivedita Hall of Residence
  9. Madan Mohan Malviya Hall of Residence
  10. Megnad Saha Hall of Residence
  11. Mother Teresa Hall of Residence
  12. Nehru Hall of Residence
  13. Lal Bahadur Shastri Hall of Residence
  14. Patel Hall of Residence
  15. Radha Krishnan Hall of Residence
  16. Rajendra Prasad Hall of Residence
  17. Rani Laxmibai Hall of Residence
  18. Sarojini Naidu-Indira Gandhi Hall of Residence
  19. Vidyasagar Hall of Residence
  20. SAM Hall of Residence
  21. Zakir Hussain Hall of Residence
  22. Radar Flats

IIT Kharagpur Mess Food

As in most colleges, the mess food is rather satisfactory for the students. However, the story at IIT Kharagpur is not the same as most. 

Students have been repeatedly complaining about the inconsistent quality of food. Some messes like that of Lal Bahadur Shastri Hall is said to be really good while the students in others suffer.

There are primarily two student bodies responsible for governing the quality of food in the hall messes, the Mess Monitoring Committee (MMC) and the Food Monitoring Committee (FMC).

These two student bodies work under the guidance of the Dean of Student Affairs. The inspection of all food bodies on campus is handled by them. 

However, the plight of hall messes has reportedly deteriorated while it is the students who suffer. They repeatedly complain of unhygienic and bland food.

The administration has affirmed that necessary actions will be taken to improve food quality. The hygiene factor is also being looked into.

Also, various suggestions made by the students are being taken into consideration.

IIT Kharagpur Mess Food Chart

Apart from the mess, each hostel has other food facilities too like the canteen and juice shops. And if this ain’t enough, there is also a pantry where children can cook themselves.

Also, there are on-campus food facilities outside of hostels for you to have a change of taste from the same old mess food.

Individual hostel messes have been allotted their own private tender for food purposes by HMC (Hall Management center). Each of those hostels has different food quality and menus.

  • Breakfast: Breakfast is served from 7 am to 9 am. Dosa, Puri, Poha, Parantha, Idli are served according to weekdays. (Bread and Jam/Butter are always available otherwise) Banana, Boiled egg, and tea/Milk are available extras.
  • Lunch: Lunchtime is from 12 pm to 1.30 pm. The students are provided with a chart of food options on their arrival. It changes accordingly with weekdays. (Except Sundays-when Biriyani is served). At the beginning of the stay, each student is allotted with the choices of Veg or Non-veg.
  • Snacks: Snacktime starts from 4 pm to 6 pm. Panipuri, Dahivada, Momos, Samosa are the variety available according to weekdays.
  • Dinner: Dinner is served from 7 pm to 8.45 pm. According to your choice of veg or non-veg, options of chicken/paneer twice a week. Tadka dal and sambar are always available.
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There is also a Nescafe just outside the hall. Each hall also has a night canteen which stays open till 3 am.

Special dinner takes place twice a semester before the mid-semester examination and the end-semester examination.

Click here for the menus of all Hostels at IIT Kharagpur.

Other Food Options At IIT Kharagpur

To have a change from the taste of hostel messes, there are ample options on the campus. Some of the best ones are listed here for you.

  1. Sahara
  2. Dreamland
  3. Vegies
  4. Super-Duper
  5. Tikka
  6. Billoo’s Restaurant


It is common for parents to be worried when their children leave home to pursue their careers. The major cause of worry for them is always about food.

Though, every college hostel has more or less the same taste of the food. IIT Kharagpur’s mess food is no different.

It repeatedly faces flak for its inconsistent food quality on campus. We hunted down and provided you with all the possible details that you could need.

If this article helped calm down your parents about their worries, then do spread the love. Share it with your friends and family.

*featured image credits: Ambuj Saxena – Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic