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IIT Kanpur: Mess Food Review – All Hostels With Day-Wise Chart

The new academic year is on the verge of starting. It is natural for anyone to be curious when it comes to college and its facilities. Today, we are covering IIT Kanpur hostels and their food. 

IITs are a definition of an exclusive league where everyone can’t reach but every Indian child does have a dream of cracking the entrance exam.

When a child leaves their home and goes away to college, the only agonizing thought that the parents have is Food! Are your parents worried too?

Do they also have these questions? How will be the mess food? Will the hostel be as comforting as our home? Will they serve good quality food? Will my child like the taste of the food given?

It is a genuine fret and we understand that. This is why we are here today. 

IIT Kanpur Hostels

IIT Kanpur houses 14 hostels in total. Of the 14 hostels, 11 are boys’ hostels, 2 are for accomodating girls, and one girls’ residence tower. All the hostels together are called the ‘Halls of Residence’. 

All freshers are allotted Halls 2, 3, 5, and 10. Rooms are allotted on a twin sharing basis in the first and second years. However, in the third year, almost every student gets a single room. All the final year undergraduates are shifted to hall 1 and hall 9. 

Every hostel has a separate mess, a computer room, a common room with the television, a sports room with indoor games like Table Tennis, Basketball, Carom Board, Chess, and also a sports ground. 

All the Halls of Residence are fully equipped with the necessary amenities and facilities. Also, there are stationary and xerox shops in each hall along with a canteen where minor celebrations take place.

An interesting fact is that girls are allowed in boys’ hostels and also there is no restriction on the in-time or out-time for a resident in his/her hostel. 

As for the fun, there are plenty of activities that go around in the hostel. Intra-hostel events and competitions are pretty common. Also, Sports and Cultural activities take place all year round. 

Alike all other IITs that we have mentioned, IIT Kanpur also manages its hostels via hostel council. It comprises of Cultural Secretary, Maintenance Secretary, Mess Secretary, and Sports Secretary. 

Each secretary is elected by the hostel students in an organized election process. All cultural programs and activities are maintained by the Cultural Secretary, and sports events by the Sports Secretary.

The Mess secretary looks after the mess and canteen while the Maintenance Secretary ensures proper working of the common areas and the hostel maintenance. 

Every hostel has a president also who looks over the hostel with a Warden. All the members of the halls are like a big family. On the whole hostel life at IIT Kanpur is full of fun and provides students with a homely feeling.

IIT Kanpur Mess Food

Each hostel at IIT Kanpur has a separate mess and also a canteen within the premises. The hostel messes are run by a private caterers on contract-basis. 

Mess Secretary, elected by a general election, forms a committee of 6-10 members called as Mess Committee. This committee is responsible for the proper functioning of the mess.

In a new turn of events, the mess committee is also empowered to impose a monetary penalty in case of unsatisfactory performance by the contractor.

The menu is prepared by the mess committee. This menu is revised periodically as per feedback from the residents. It is taken good care that the students do not get bored with the same menu.

Along with the vegetarian food, non-vegetarian food items like chicken, mutton, fish are also served in the mess. These are available on alternate days at extra charge. 

For people suffering from health disorders, a special diet is served to them on request. Extra items can also be taken along with the basic items by taking extra coupons. 

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There is also a provision for guests or relatives. Students can take extra food for their relatives or guests by accounting it against their details in the mess register.

IIT Kanpur Mess Food Review

As for the mess food, the residents are provided meals three times a day. The timings are fixed for serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the mess.

If anyone misses the mess-served food, they can always go to the canteen to have food. There is not much difference in the taste of the canteen and mess food.

The quality of mess food at IIT Kanpur justifies the elite status of the institute. The students are fed with ample quantities and of good quality. 

There is no compromise made whatsoever when it comes to providing for the students. The alumni have rave reviews for the institute and its mess facilities.

Hall 2 Mess Food Chart

Hall 4 Mess Food Chart

Hall 6 Mess Food Chart

Hall 8 Mess Food Chart

iit kanpur hall 8 breakfast mess food chart

Other Food Options At IIT Kanpur

Apart from the usual hostel mess and canteen, there are other facilities available on campus to cater to the needs of the students and those visiting the campus:

  1. Campus Restaurant: This is one of the main eat-outs on the campus. The restaurant serves both vegetarian and nonvegetarian food.
  1. Kathi Inc: Kathi.inc specializes in rolls which are very tasty and a delicacy for the students as well as the campus community.
  1. Crown Burger: This eat out on the campus provides a variety of Burgers, Pizza, and Chinese Food.
  1. Veggies: They serve continental and they specialize in Parathas & Pasta.
  1. Wazwan: Wazwan Foods caters to all types of cravings of the students on the campus.

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It is common for parents to be worried when their children leave home to pursue their careers. The major cause of worry for them is always about food.

Though, every college hostel has more or less the same taste of the food. IIT Kanpur is what we covered today. The mess food offered at IIT Kanpur lives up to the esteemed expectations of the typecasted mess food.

It offers great food with ample quantity and choices too. Besides Kanpur is a city with a lot of good and healthy food that is easy on the pockets.

If this article helped calm down your parents about their worries, then do spread the love. Share us with your friends and family.

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