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IIT Bombay: Mess Food Review – All Hostels Day-Wise Chart

Today, we are covering IIT Bombay hostels and mess food. The new academic year is on the brink of its start. It is only natural to be curious about your college and the facilities offered to you.

IITs are a definition of an exclusive league where everyone can’t reach but every Indian child does have a dream of cracking the entrance exam.

When a child leaves their home and goes away to college, the only agonizing thought that the parents have is Food! Are your parents worried too?

Do they also have these questions? How will be the mess food? Will the hostel be as comforting as our home? Will they serve good quality food? Will my child like the taste of the food given?

It is a genuine fret and we understand that. This is why we are here today. 

IIT Bombay Hostels

IIT Bombay is a hub of academic and non-academic activities all year-round. It hosts several academic courses that are residential.

To accommodate its vast population of students from all the various courses, IIT Bombay has 17 hostels inside its campus. Of all the hostels, 4 are reserved for girls, and 13 for boys.

The campus is located away from the hustle of the city, in the suburban area of Powai. However, not so far from the attractive weekend getaways. 

A unique fact about one of the IIT Bombay hostels is that Hostel 15 is a co-ed hostel. One separate wing is allotted to girls and another for boys. 

There are no names assigned to the hostels as in other IITs. they are simply numbered.

  1. Hostel 1
  2. Hostel 2
  3. Hostel 3
  4. Hostel 4
  5. Hostel 5
  6. Hostel 6
  7. Hostel 7
  8. Hostel 8
  9. Hostel 9
  10. Hostel 10
  11. Hostel 11
  12. Hostel 12
  13. Hostel 13
  14. Hostel 14
  15. Hostel 15
  16. Hostel 16
  17. Tansa Hostel

IIT Bombay Mess Food

Each hostel on the premises of IIT Bombay has a hostel mess and a canteen to look after the food-related needs of the students.

The hostel warden and central administration give out tenders to commercial caterers for each hostel individually. This often leads to a disparity in food quality and quantity among various hostels.

However, if you ask any resident students about the mess food, you are bound to get a positive review. The food is said to be very good in comparison to any other college.

Also, until a few years back IIT Bombay was a vegetarian only zone. However, after the recurrent pressure from the students, the authorities gave in and now serve non-veg food also on the campus.

IIT Bombay Mess Food Chart

Although the basic menu of all the hostels doesn’t differ much, there are bound to be subtle differences as each hostel has a different caterer. 

There are four meals provided in all hostels namely breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner in the same order. The menu changes often making sure that the students do not get bored with the same food every week.

Poha, Upma, Vada, Paratha, Corn, Sprouts.

Tea, Coffee, Milk (with Chocos, Bournvita or Cornflakes)

*Bread, Butter, Boiled Eggs, and Jam are always available.

*Omelette and Scrambled Eggs are available alternate days.
Rice: Plain White Rice is always present and Red Rice or Soya Rice is available on rotation.

Roti, Daal, Vegetables include one gravy based and one dry.

Salad, Pickles, Papad, Raita, Aamras (during summers), Jaljeera, Lemonade is allowed one per person.

*Extra Items (need to pay extra): Chicken Handi, Chicken Kohlapuri, Egg Curry, Chicken Biryani, Falafel, Paneer Chilli.
Bread, Butter, and Jam are always available.

The main food item usually includes Masala Dosa, Spring rolls, Misal Pav, Sabudana Vada, Vada Pav

Fruits, Tea or Coffee or Milk or shakes.
Same as lunch.

Desserts: Moong Daal Halwa, Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla.

The hostel authorities put in extra effort to make sure hostel food isn’t mundane, students have special dinners and special lunches often, Pizza parties, and a gala dinner at the end of each Semester.

IIT Bombay Hostel 1 Mess Food Chart

MondayPoha, Matki Gravy and Sev, Sweet Corn, Peanut ButterVeg Fried Rice, Mix Dal Tadka, Veg Manchurian, Curd, Rasam, Rice PapadPav BhaajiAlu, Banana, Long Cauli chilli, Urad Dal, Dalma Sambhar, Palak Corn, Sweet Coconut Laddoo, Fruit
TuesdayAlu Paratha/ Mix veg Paratha, Tomato Chutney and Dahi, Moong SproutsGhee Peas Rice, Toor Dal, Paneer Kadai, Ginger Sambhar, Gobi Aloo, Masala PapadBhel PurriMix Veg (Gajar, Beans, Papaya, Kela), Masoor Dal Tadka, Rasam, Brinjal Fry (Long and Half), Fruit, Gulab jamun
WednesdayIdli and Vada, Sambhar and Chutney, Boiled Red Chana, Peanut ButterVeg Biryani, Moong Dal, Veg Kolhapuri, Dalma Sambhar, Alu French Fries, Lemon Juice, RaitaVeg Fried MaggiMalai Kofta, Toor Dal, Fried Kachhi Bhindi (No Masala), Rasam, Fruit, Rasmalai
ThursdayPuri, Alu Kasa, Sweet CornJeera rice, Masoor Dal Tadka, Rajma, Banana fry (Round), Rasam, Lassi, Plain papadSamosa, Green ChutneyPaneer Butter Masala, Chana  Dal, Dalma Sambhar, Long Chauli Fry, Ice cream
FridayUthapam, Coconut Chutney, Boiled Peanuts, Peanut ButterKashmiri Pulao, Moong Dal, Jeera Sambhar, Alu Matar Gravy, Karela FryBread Pakoda, Green ChutneyCrispy Gobi Fry (using cornflour), Mix Dal, Tomato Green Chili Sambhar, Mushroom Babycorn curry, Fruit, Shrikand
SaturdayPaneer Parantha, Dahi, Sweet CornCorn Pulao, Dal Makhani, Rasam, Drumstick Mustard Sukha Masala, Chawli Curry, FryumPaani PuriMethi Alu, Masoor Dal, Dalma Sambhar, Dahi Baigan Spicy, Fruit, Rasgulla
SundayMasala dosa, Sambhar and Coconut Chutney, Boiled Red ChanaChole Masale, Puri, Masoor Dal, Rasam,Butter Milk, Alu JeeraPenne Pasta, SauceVeg Navratna, Toor Dal, Hyderabadi Sambhar, Crispy Soya Chilli Dry, Fruit, Chum Chum

IIT Bombay Hostel 10 Mess Food Chart

S. No.DaysBreakfastLunchTiffinDinner
1MondayPoha, papaya, chocos, moong, mangoMalai.kofta, cabbage chana dal, garlic chutney, curd rice,sol.kadhiDabeli, ice tea, orangeBeetroot sabji, mix sprouts, dal.kolhapuri, veg soup, besan ladoo, egg briyani
2TuesdayMethi paratha, curd, banana, apple , cornPaneer tikka masala, karela fry, pasta pulav, Kandi pudi, aloo papad,nimbu Pani, chicken sukhaVeg noodles, pineapple juiceCarrot beans sabji, dum aloo, dal tadka, soup, imarti, macher jhol
3WednesdayIdli, green chana, kiwi, watermelonChole, aloo jeera puri, corn pulav , Masoor dal, mango chutney, sabudana papad, chaas, chicken makhanwalaBread Poha, chiku, cold coffeeMix Saag, tomato sev, chilka moong dal, Sindhi kadhi, lapsi sheera, egg bhurji rice
4ThursdaySabudana, chocos, mixed sprouts, muskmelon, orangeBhindi masala, black chana, veg pulav, toot dal, thecha, ragi papad, roof afza, egg masalaVada sambhar, mango milkshakeRaw banana, veg handi, Masoor dal, tomato soup, Kala jamun, chicken Chettinad
5FridayMix veg paratha, tomato chutney, groundnut, corn, chikuLauki chana.dal, rajma masala, masala bhat, dal fry, till.chutney, aloo papad, aam Panna, chicken lollipopjuice, green tea, spinach sandwichSoya bhurji, paneer butter masala, Akha Masoor dal,. ajwain Paratha, sambhar,malpua, chicken gravy
6SaturdayUpma, matki sprouts, papaya, strawberrySuraj chana, veg korma, methi rice, panchratan dal,salsa, rasna, fry papad,fish fryPani Puri, masala doodhBhaigan bharta, Jowar roti, methi pithla, SADA Varan, black watana, garlic rasam, mango icecream, fish sticks
7SundayUttapam, chana sproutMushroom babycorn masala, pumpkin sabji, besibilly rice, chilka moong dal, schzewan chutney, lassi, kurdai chickenSamosa, ice teaGobhi masala subji, matki usal, dal chana,manchow soup, rice kheer, egg paratha

IIT Bombay Hostel 18 Mess Food

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Other Food Options At IIT Bombay Campus

Apart from the usual hostel mess and canteen, there are other facilities available on campus to cater to the needs of the students and those visiting the campus:

  1. Brewberry Cafe
  2. Campus Hub
  3. Gulmohar Cafeteria
  4. Gulmohar Restaurant
  5. Nestle Cafe (Coffee shack)
  6. Staff canteen
  7. Sunrise Dhaba
  8. Uphar

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It is common for parents to be worried when their children leave home to pursue their careers. The major cause of worry for them is always about food.

Though, every college hostel has more or less the same taste of the food. IIT Bombay is what we covered today.

The mess food offered at IIT Bombay often exceeds the expectation of the typecasted mess food. It offers great food with ample quantity and choices too.

If this article helped calm down your parents about their worries, then do spread the love. Share it with your friends and family.

*featured image credits: Laksh Bhutiya – Google Maps