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IIT Delhi’s Mess Food Review – All Hostels | Day-Wise Food Chart

Aiming for IIT Delhi in the new academic year and worried about how is mess food at IIT Delhi? Today, we are covering IIT Delhi hostels and their food. 

Every Indian child has a dream of one day cracking the entrance exam and getting admission in a prestigious engineering college. And if that college turns out to be IIT Delhi, then the happiness knows no bounds!

When a child leaves their home and goes away to college, the only agonizing thought that the parents have is Food! 

How will be the mess food? Will the hostel be as comforting as our home? Will they serve good quality food? Will my child like the taste of the food given?

It is a genuine fret and we understand that. This is why we are here today. 

IIT Delhi Hostels

IIT Delhi has 13 hostels, 11 for boys and 2 for girls. Each hostel has its own set of rules and vibe. Some are reserved for the alumni pursuing higher studies while others welcome freshers with open arms.

Hostels at IIT Delhi are not just about residing and mess but there are many activities also that are arranged within each hostel. These help the students to engage and interact with each other.

If you are wondering if girls are allowed in boys’ hostel or vice versa, yes they are! However, just one day in a year. ‘House Day’ is the day when all the inmates bid farewell to the passing students.

Hostels are decorated, fun activities are arranged, awesome food is available, and everyone has a memorable time. These House Days are not unique to any one hostel rather they are celebrated in each hostel on separate days.

Complete List of IIT Delhi Hostels

  1. Aravali
  2. Girnar
  3. Himadri
  4. Jwalamukhi
  5. Kailash 
  6. Karakoram
  7. Kumaon
  8. Satupura
  9. Shivalik
  10. Nilgiri
  11. Udaygiri
  12. Vindhyachal
  13. Zanskar

Mess Maintenance at IIT Delhi

It is always better when certain responsibilities and decisions are left in the hands of the students in the hostel. After all, they are the ones living there and facing the problems.

Citing this valid reason, there are certain liabilities left in the hands of the hostelers. They look after the hostel in coordination with the administration and the professors in-charge for each hostel respectively.

There are several positions of responsibility when it comes to hostels and messes at IIT Delhi. 

  • Cultural Secretary: All the cultural activities of the hostel is managed by a third-year student who resides in the respective hostel. Assisted by second-year student representatives of the various co-curricular societies, events are organized under the leadership of the cultural secretary.
  • Sports-Secretary: You might be surprised to know that every hostel has a sports secretary too. All the sporting activities and the articles of the sports room are looked after by him/her. 
  • Mess Secretary: The mess menu and the food quality is governed by the mess secretary. If any student has any complaints or suggestions regarding the food, the mess secretary is to be contacted.
  • Maintenance Secretary: A third-year student is appointed as the maintenance secretary of the hostel to look after the common areas and general well being of the hostel.
  • House Secretary: A fourth-year is anointed as the House Secretary. All the other secretaries report to him/her. He/she oversees the hostel funds and is also answerable to the Warden and House Master for anything that happens in the hostel.

IIT Delhi Mess Food

Each hostel has a separate food mess. The mess chart is drafted separately for each semester. The menu rarely alters mid-year unless there is wide unrest among the students.

The mess secretary is responsible for setting the menu. He/she is also free to consult other students of the hostel. The quality check is also in the hands of the mess secretary. 

As for the food, nowhere in the world can you get better food than that of your home. The taste is actually good according to the IIT Delhi hostelers. 

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However, after a certain point, the food becomes monotonous and everyone is forced to either order food from outside or eat at other available options within the campus.

Day-Wise Food Chart

All the hostels have more or less the same pattern of the mess menu.




iit delhi kumaon hostel mess food chart


Other Food Options at IIT Delhi Campus

Apart from the hostels, there are plenty of other options for you to quench your hunger. Also, the food is tastier than the mess.

  1. Cafeteria: The common cafeteria near the central workshop is a good choice when you are around and hungry.
  1. Rajdhani Food Center: In front of the Aravali Hostel, there is Rajdhani food center where you can get meals, snacks, juices, and shakes easily and that too at very low cost.
  1. Nirvaha Cafe, Bakery, and Juice Center: You can find a juice center and a cafe near the Zanskar Hostel which provides organic food. Snacks like samosa and patties are famous of Nirvaha.
  1. Mother Dairy and Safal Stores: There are three mother dairy outlets on the campus each near the Nilgiri, Kumaon, and Girls’ hostel. The Safal stores are also located near Nilgiri and Girls’ hostel.
  1. Night Messes: Almost all the hostels have night messes where you can find snacks and meals at any hour of the night at a cheap cost.
  1. Cafe Coffee Day: The CCD outlet inside the campus is always buzzing with students and visitors bumping around with their frothy cups of coffee.
  1. Chaayos: The outlet of Chaayos has become a regular hangout point for the students especially because of the highly-deducted prices.
  1. Nescafe: There is a Nescafe cafe too on the campus but it is generally filled with professors and visitors.
  1. Amul: Amul outlet is also available on the campus to help with all the daily requirements of the students and faculties alike.

For other facilities on the campus, click here. 


Though, every college hostel has more or less the same taste of the food. IIT Delhi is what we covered today. We hunted down and provided you with all the possible details that you could need.

IIT Delhi’s mess food is average like some of the other good colleges, but certainly better than most of your Tier 2/Tier 3 colleges.

If this article helped calm down your parents about their worries, then do spread the love. Share it with your friends and family.

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