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Delhi AIIMS Mess Food Review – All Hostels Complete Food Charts

Getting admissions in AIIMS Delhi but do not know how is the mess food at AIIMS Delhi? We are here to help you out again!

AIIMS is the most prestigious college for medical sciences in the country. That implies it is also the hardest to get into. 

AIIMS Delhi is said to be the best of all AIIMS and is aspired by all medical students. Every year thousands of students come here to live their dreams and become the best doctors.

But the best minds need fuel too. The food at AIIMS Delhi has been in the recent news for quite a while. However, one incident cannot speak for the institute’s facilities.

Messes at AIIMS Delhi

There are 7 messes at AIIMS Delhi. Off the seven, 4 are private attached to hostels and 3 are public for the general visitors. 

The four hostel messes are strictly for the students enrolled in the institute only. No outsider or visitor is allowed inside the premises.

Also, private messes have limited seating. It is good to book your place beforehand else you might have to tale the food to your room or wait around for a seat.

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Talking of the public messes, these messes are open to all. The working staff, students, visitors, and anyone else on the premises are allowed to have meals at a nominal fee.

Mess Food Chart With Prices

The cost of food at AIIMS Delhi is as nominal as the annual fees there. The samosas cost as low as 5 per piece.

AIIMS Hostel Canteen no. 5 Food Chart

The general cost of a meal does not exceed 50 rupees if you order vegetarian. If you go for chicken, you might have to spend as much as 120rs. 

Estimating for a month, most students make do with about 5000 to 6000. And if you include all the other expenses like laundry and bills, you can be done in about 8000 a month.

AIIMS Delhi Mess Food Review

There is a wide variety of dishes available on campus. The cafe houses and messes have everything ranging from samosas to pasta, dosas to chole bhature, momos to lattes.

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About the food provided in the messes of AIIMS Delhi, students seem to be partially satisfied with the food. Especially, the food at Hostel Mess 1 and 2 is said to be good. As for the remaining messes, the food quality remains below average.

Children are often seeing resorting to other options inside the campus or order food from outside.

People have repeatedly complained that the food quality is below the expectations of a premier institute as AIIMS Delhi. Being a medical facility, the rumors of the food being plagued with hygiene issues is disgraceful.

Resident Doctors’ Mess Day-Wise Food Chart

Other Food Options at AIIMS Delhi

There are other facilities too on the campus for you to enjoy a fulfilling treat. Also, the cost of items at these outlets has been highly subsidized for the students and others alike.

  1. Snack Bar
  2. Coffee Parlour (Nestle)
  3. Coffee Kiosk
  4. Juice Shop
  5. Cafe House
  6. Cooperative Canteen
  7. Mother Dairy
  8. Safal Store

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it compulsory to take hostel in AIIMS?

Earlier it was compulsory to enroll in the campus hostel for students. However, students prefer to stay on campus as it can be very hectic and leave no time to waste on travel.

Is it mandatory to enroll in the hostel mess of AIIMS Delhi?

No, it is absolutely up to the students if they want to enroll in the hostel mess.

Does AIIMS Delhi hostels have AC’s?

Yes, there are AC’s in student hostels.

What is the fee of AIIMS Delhi?

The fees for the MBBS course at AIIMS Delhi is INR 5300 for the entire course of 5.5 years.

Does AIIMS Delhi have a gym?

Yes, they are many facilities available on the campus for students including student gymkhana and swimming pool.

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AIIMS Delhi remains the crown of medical sciences in our country. It is a dream for every student. But when sending away your kid to college, every parent has just one qualm that is how will the food be?

Overall the food at AIIMS Delhi remains satisfactory but the hostel messes are not your only option. As listed above they have public messes and cafes too.

The food at AIIMS Delhi has had mixed reviews over the years. It all comes back to past individual experiences. Besides, the administration at AIIMS Delhi has made considerable efforts to improve food quality.

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