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7 Famous Food Of Sikkim You Don’t Want To Miss! [2020]

We bring you the list of top famous food of Sikkim in this article. Sikkim has delicacies that can make your mouth water at the mere mention of them.

Tourists visit the region all around the year to experience cultural festivities, traditional events, heritage sites, and most of all the delicacies of Sikkimese cuisine. 

The Sikkimese cuisine is influenced by the Nepalese and Tibetian cuisines at large. There are many dishes that find their origin in either of these cuisines but have subtle details that belong to the Sikkimese. 

All over the world, the most famous non-vegetarian dishes are from Sikkim. We bring to you a well-curated list of dishes that are authentic to Sikkim and a must-have for you.

Famous Food Of Sikkim

  1. Kinema Curry

Kinema curry is a Sikkimese dish that is loved by all for its mouth-watering unique taste and protein-rich content. 

It gets its unique taste from the fact that the soybeans are fermented before making the dish. The fermented soybeans are cooked with fried onions and tomatoes in an assortment of local spices.

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This is curry is best served with cooked rice. It is easily available at many local restaurants in the state. 

  1. Tama Curry

Tama Cury is a local Sikkimese dish. It is a staple food in the state and is consumed by the masses on a regular basis.

tama curry famous food of sikkim
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It is made of bamboo shoot roots. The roots are first fermented and then cooked in spices. Turmeric powder is specially used to get rid of the bitter taste of the bamboo.

This dish is very popular among the tourists and hence, it available in almost all of the local restaurants.

  1. Sha Phaley

Sha phaley is a famous dish in Sikkim, though it is of Tibetian origin. This is a non-vegetarian dish.

Sha phaley famous food of sikkim
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It is a combination of bread and minced meat deep-fried together for an awesome authentic flavor. The bread is stuffed with a mixture of ground beef or minced meat along with cabbage and spices. The bread is then folded into semi-circles and finally deep-fried. 

With changing times, the filling has evolved from meat to tofu and cheese at many restaurants. Make sure do get yourself a serving of this delicacy.

  1. Masaurya Curry

Masaurya curry is another famous dish in the state of Sikkim. It is native to Nepali cuisine. 

Masaurya curry famous food of sikkim

This dish is prepared by fermenting black gram. It is then cooked in a broth of spices and vegetables. The flavor is very tangy and spicy and it is sure to soothe your tastebuds.

Masaurya curry is usually served with cooked rice at restaurants. It is a regular dish at local households too.

  1. Mesu

Mesu is a non-vegetarian dish, originally a Sikkimese dish. It is loved by the locals of the region.

The key ingredient is bamboo shoots in this. It is made by fermented bamboo shoots and pork. The taste is quite acidic and sour. It is mainly a pickle rather than a curry.

It is prepared locally at homes and is a rare sight at restaurants. If you wish to taste it you will have to ask around a bit. 

Traditional Food Of Sikkim

  1. Sel Roti

This is a traditional dish in the state. It is native to Nepalese cuisine but adopted by the Sikkimese cuisine too. It is usually part of the Tihar and Diwali festivities.

sael roti famous food of sikkim
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It is made of rice and water paste. The paste is then fried in hot boiling oil ina ringed-shape. It is best served with the traditional potato curry.

Sel Roti is very popular with the kids and is a must-have if you visit the state. It is easy to find in restaurants. However, the true flavor lies in the hands of mums and grandmums.

  1. Niguru With Churpi

Churpi means cheese. This is another of the Sikkimese traditional delicacies. Niguru is mainly a household dish.

Niguru is a fermented dish made of fiddlehead fern with churpi that is cheese. It is completely irresistible once you have a taste of it.

Though it is a household dish, many restaurants serve it in the most authentic way possible. Make sure to include it in your must-try list when you holiday in the state.

  1. Gundruk

Gundruk is another of the Sikkimese traditional dishes. This one is a borrowed recipe from the Nepalese cuisine. It is also a staple food in the state.

Gundruk is a completely vegan. Raddish, cabbage, and cauliflower leaves are used to make this. Mustard leave and oil are added to it after being cooked with spices and tomato sauce.

Traditionally it was cooked in an earthen pot but with times, utensils have also evolved. But the most amazing thing is that the taste has not altered a bit over the ages as claimed by the locals of the region.

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This dish is rich in roughage and keeps the metabolism of the body well. Find it in the local restaurants and thank us later!

  1. Sinki

Sinki is a traditional dish. It also has its origin in the Nepalese cuisine but this does not mean that they are not a part fo the Sikkimese traditions.

Sinki is prepared using radish taproots. The taproots are chopped and put in a bamboo. The roots are pressed inside using a straw. The bamboo is then covered with vegetation and mud for a month. The bacteria do the fermentation. 

This sinki is then used to make sinki soups which are a big hit among the locals as well as the tourists alike. Also, it can be used as pickles along with regular meals. It enhances the complete value of the meal.

Best Street Food Of Sikkim

  1. Dumplings

Dumpling is just a fancy name for our momos. Momos have descended from the Tibetian Cuisine and have blended nicely in the Sikkimese cuisine too.

Dumplings are small buns of filling steamed to perfection. The dough is made of white flour and the filling was originally ground meat. Though, the filling has evolved so as to suit everyone’s preferences.

dumplings famous food of sikkim

Sikkim and dumplings are complementary to each other. The local people love it the same as the whole country does it now. They can be easily found about every corner and are absolutely lip-smacking.

When in the state, you cannot afford to miss out on these at any cost. Just take an evening stroll and stop by one of the shacks to enjoy a hot steamy plate of momos.

  1. Thukpa

Another popular Sikkimese dish is the thukpa. Thukpa has its origin in the eastern part of Tibet.

thukpa famous food of sikkim

Thukpa is a bowl of noodles in soup with chopped veggies, meat, and a lot of spices. This is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. The veg version has most of all the locally grown vegetables chopped in it while the non-veg version has boiled eggs and red meat.

This dish is available in every cafe and restaurant in the city. However, if you intend to taste the most authentic of it, head to the street kiosks.

  1. Phagshapa

Phagshapa is a Sikkimese delight that every non-vegetarian has it on their must-try list. This is a dish made of pork fat strips, red chilies, and radishes.

The pork is first cooked separately. Then the stew is prepared with local spices, radishes, and red chilies. Then the pork is added. The specialty of this dish is that it uses no oil at all. Also, there is no substitute for pork in this dish.

You can visit any local restaurant to have the most authentic and flavourful phagshapa in the state.

  1. Thenthuk

Thenthuk is a popular dish in the state of Sikkim. This dish is originally Tibetian.

Thenthuk is a noodle soup with other ingredients that enhance the soup. It is prepared in both ways, vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. The vegetarian version has chopped vegetables with the noodles while in the non-vegetarian version the noodles are accompanied by meat or mutton.

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It is mild usually but can be made spicier by adding chili powder to it. It is delicious as well as healthy. This is the reason it is a preferred choice of dinner for many there.

  1. Gya Kho

Gya kho is a Sikkimese dish again borrowed from the Tibetian cuisine. It is one of the lip-smacking dishes in the state.

It is made with a special recipe and a very long list of ingredients. The unique flavor is rendered to it by the fact that it is cooked under the coal instead of a regular stove.

Gya kho is also known as the chimney soup in the region. This is because of the shape of the bowl it is served in. It vaguely resembles a chimney, hence chimney soup.

Many local shacks sell this soup with the authentic taste and aroma very well intact. Do try it when you get the chance.

  1. Kodo Ko Roti

Kodo ko roti is a Sikkimese cuisine wonder. It is one of the most favorite dishes of the locals there. 

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Kodo locally means finger millet. It uses finger millet as its main ingredient for this roti. Basically, it is not even roti but pancakes. Yes, you read it right!

They are served with a variety of pickles, mostly made locally using traditional methods. But it tastes best with tomato pickle.

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Sikkim is the land of culture and heritage. The state where you can find colorful temples and beautiful monuments.

The food is also just as mesmerizing as the beauty of the place. The food is here is best had from the local shacks and restaurants where you can clearly taste the authenticity of the dish.

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