Candy vs Toffee vs Chocolate – What’s The Difference?

Sweet treats are the ultimate level of bribery in the world of kids. Let us know what exactly is candy, toffee, and chocolate.

Whenever anybody asks you what is the difference between a candy, toffee, and chocolate, what do you say? You get tongue-tied, right?

We know that all three are completely different, yet we do not know how to explain it. Today, we bring to you the underlined differences of the three for you.

Differences Between Candy, Toffee, and Chocolate

DefinitionCandies are a type of colorful, hard, and sticky sweets made by boiling Sugarcane juice.Similar to Candy but more creamier and softer.Chocolate is prepared from Theobroma Cacao Seeds. The seeds are fermented, dried, then cleaned, and roasted. The shell is then removed and made into Cacao nibs, which are liquefied then molded.
IngredientsSugar (any source) and Milk/Water.Sugar, Butter, Flour.

Optional: Nuts, Raisins, Caramel, Milk Powder.
Theobroma Cacao Seeds, Sugar, Milk, Cocoa Butter, Vegetable Oils.

Optional: Nuts, Raisins, etc. 

Now, Let’s Discuss Candy, Toffee, and Chocolate In Detail


The origin of candy is very interesting. Candy has its origins mainly in Ancient India. Between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE, it was discovered that Indians have started producing honey without the bees. 

It was nothing but boiled sugarcane juice. Sugarcane, indigenous to tropical South and South East Asia, was unknown to the world. 

Boiled sugarcane juice was solidified and consumed as Khanda, dubbed as the original candy and the etymology of the word. This is how candy came into existence.

How Candy Is Made?

Candy is made by dissolving sugar in water or milk forming a syrup. This syrup is then boiled until it reaches the desired concentration or starts to caramelize. 

This is how a basic candy is prepared. Further, there are many types of candies like caramel, tablet, gumdrops, jelly bean, taffy, lollipops, and more. The type of candy depends on the ingredients used and the duration for which the mixture is boiled.


There is no certainty as to where and when did this sweet treat was invented. However, it came into prominence in the early 1800s. In 1825, it was first added to the Oxford dictionary.

Many claim that toffee has its origin from the word ‘taffy’ meaning West Indian rum mixed with sugar molasses. Whatever be the origin, we know we love it.

How Toffee Is Made?

To make toffee, sugar is mixed with butter, and occasionally flour. It is then boiled until it caramelizes and reaches the hard crack stage. 

Toffee mixture is often mixed with nuts or raisins, then cooled. Also, now many commercial companies fill the insides with chocolate, butter, caramel, and even milk-powder to enhance the taste.


Chocolates are the answer to almost every teenage craving. It is an indivisible part of all the celebrations today. Being available in all shapes and sizes is a big plus. It is an add-on for everything be it beverages, confectioners, or food.

Chocolate is prepared from Theobroma Cacao Seeds. These seeds are being cultivated from three millennia now. These seeds are dried, roasted, and ground, and then the further process is carried out.

The earliest pieces of evidence trace the usage of chocolate back to 1900 BCE where the Maya and Aztecs used to make chocolate beverages.

How Chocolate Is Made?

The Cacao Seeds are fermented, dried, then cleaned, and roasted. The shell is then removed and made into Cacao nibs, which are liquefied then molded, and may be processed into Cacao solids and Cocoa butter. 

Then the various kinds of chocolates are made from varying quantities of solids and butter. The purest form of chocolate that we know as dark chocolate does not contain any added sugars.

However, the most commercially successful chocolate is sweet brown chocolate. It comprises of Cacao seeds, Cocoa butter, vegetable oils, and added sugars. White chocolate does not have any Cacao solids.

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