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8 Amazing Benefits of Homemade Food You Should Know!

When it comes to benefits of homemade food vs fast-food, homemade food seems to win the battle. We either choose to eat out or eat in but which is better? Let us show you.

Does your list of hobbies include trying different food? Are you obsessed over that multi-story burger? Are you still wondering about that meal challenge you saw on the internet? Does that extra-cheese slice of pizza make you drool?

Of course, all the answers to the above questions are affirmative. We all are crazy when it comes to food. Food is our lifeline. Without it, we can not survive.

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We talk about following a strict dietary regime and go to gyms in the name of taking care of our health. But we do not really need all this if we give it a thought.

Cooking meals at home has so many benefits that your mind will be boggled.

We are pretty sure we can change your perspective regarding homecooked food once you give the rest of the article a read.

How is Fast Food Cooked?

The food at your favorite fast food joints is no doubt yummy but do you even know what goes on behind the scenes?

There have been numerous allegations of overtime on some of the leading brands of the fast-food business. But every time we overlook them and go about our daily lives.

These huge fast-food chains do not necessarily prepare your meal right away as you order. Instead, they have it ready in their big freezers. All they do is reheat it in their big ovens and serve it to you with all the pomp and show.

There has also been speculation about the quality of ingredients used. If you try to cook a similar pizza at home, with all the ingredients as they claim to use, you will find the cumulative cost to be higher than what they charge you.

How is that possible, right? Easy answer, they do not do what they claim to.

The quality of ingredients is highly degraded and cheap. All the food is mass prepared without worrying much about hygiene.

Benefits Of Homemade Food

  1. Natural And Healthier Food

We can customize our meals in accordance with the nutrients needed by our body. We can cook our meals to our likings. Can you say the same when it comes to that plate of fancy food served at a restaurant? No, you can not just ask the waiter to hand down the list of nutrients that the dish is enriched with. 

This is the advantage of home-cooked food. When we cook at home, we know exactly what we are putting into our food. We know what spices we are using, which cooking oil is healthy for us. It is in our hands, the health quotient of our food.

  1. Fresh Meals

Have you ever noticed raw vegetables? How long does it take for a potato to go bad? 10 to 15 days, right? When we buy a packet of potato chips, how long can it go without rotting? Have you ever noticed its shelf life? 

It is somewhere between 4 to 6 months from the date of manufacture. They are mass-processed and contain added preservatives. These preservatives are nothing but chemicals.

When we prepare meals at home, they are fresh. You grasp loads of nutrients from raw and fresh fruits and veggies and they should always be the way to go to. 

fresh fruits and vegetables
  1. Easy On Pockets

Many people think that cooking at home is costlier. But let me assure you it is not! When we eat out, we not only pay for the food on our table but also for the table itself. Our bills have the included cost of the entire restaurant as well, the employees, the building’s rent, the electricity, the water supply everything.

We do not require to pay for all this every damn day. Instead, we could go grocery shopping once a month and cook hearty meals for ourselves in our kitchen. 

Making a grocery list before going to the store and sticking to it is a real tip on saving some extra money.

  1. Less Food Wastage

Most of the eateries, prepare their meals halfway and complete them as they receive the orders. This is done keeping in mind their daily sales. If someday their sale is less than average, the extra prepared food goes into the dumpster.

When we prepare our meals, we will always keep in mind the quantities required by us. Thus, preventing any wastage.

Also, even if there is an excess of food we can always refrigerate it. It always comes in handy when you have already prepared meals on a busy day. All you need to do is reheat it.

  1. Controlled Portion Size

Has it ever happened to you that you ate more than you intended to at a restaurant? Or maybe the food was just too much so you left it there?

Many a time, we are served more than we could eat at the moment. So we go with either of the options. 

We eat it all somehow or we leave the food even after paying for it all. And neither of it makes us feel any better, does it? Overeating is not healthy and wasting food loads our conscience with guilt.

When we cook at home, we can control our portion size eating just as much as we require. And storing the excess or giving it out to the needy.

  1. Time Saver

Many debate that cooking takes a lot of time. Now, if you intend to eat a lavish dish every day you will have to put in the effort. But normal daily meals do not take much time.

Breakfasts can be as simple as scrambled eggs or cereal or juice with a loaf or two of bread. You have so many easy breakfast options that take hardly 10 minutes of your time.

When it comes to lunches and dinners, they also do not take more than 30 minutes to cook. Also, you can always cook your meals in your free time and store them. 

  1. Builds Close Familial Bonds

It is often said, a family that eats together stays together. In recent times, we have seen a decline in family dinners and get-togethers. Why is it so?

We all have become so engrossed in our personal lives that familial bonds do not mean much to us now. We are busy with our social and professional lives so much that there is not much room left for family.  

Cooking at home would mean, cooking for everybody. The dinner table would be finally put to its original use. So, cook great meals and have greater times with family.

happy family eating together
  1. Safety Of Food/Hygiene

When we eat out, we do not pay much attention to the hygiene of the place. We just assume that since it is such a busy eatery, they would obviously take care of the cleanliness. But are we really sure?

Having homecooked food eliminates the risk of food poisoning. Also, it is quite common to be allergic to certain food items. When cooking ourselves, we can be extra careful for us.

Difference Between Homemade Food And Restaurant Food

  1. Low Nutritional Value

The quality of food at restaurants vary widely. The more grand ones tend to put in a conscious effort in their quality. But honestly, can we afford to go to such places day after day for our meals?

No, we cannot. We tend to eat at regular eateries. These do not care much for the nutritional value of the food. They may well be using more salt and fat just to make their dish more appetizing. They may not use the best quality cooking oil either.

It is really scary if you think about the possible scenarios. Instead, it is always better to spend some time in your kitchen.

  1. Menus Designed To Maximize Profits

The fancy restaurants design their menus typically to generate more influx of money. They compromise without guilt on the ingredients.

Many a time, it has been reported that these restaurants use stale leftovers to cook their meals. This is a direct assault of our health as well as rights.

Why put yourself in such a position when we can cook for ourselves fresh meals every day.

  1. More Emphasis On Presentation

Big restaurants often have your food set fancy. They look exactly like those Pinterest pictures over which you awe. This is what such restaurants bank their attention to.

They emphasize solely on the presentation of the food. No matter if in the process, the food is being bathed in extra sugar syrup.

We must be beware of such pretentious places. Going out once in a while in order to pamper yourself is okay. But having home-cooked meals is always a wise option.

  1. Food Wastage

When we cook at home, we value money. We cook just enough for ourselves. Yet if we cook more, we always save it for later. Or give it to someone less privileged. But we do make sure the food is not wasted.

Restaurants do not care enough about it. When you leave your meal at a restaurant, it makes way to the dumpster. There are so many hungry stomachs in the world and still, the food is wasted without remorse.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do restaurants precook food?

For the most part, yes. Restaurants do cook your food partially at the start of the day. This is the reason why even the most complex dishes take hardly 10 to 15 minutes to be served.

Why is it called fast-food?

Because of the fast speed of delivery of the order, it is called fast food. 

How can I enjoy cooking?

Enjoying a chore you do not want to do is a challenge. You could always put on some good music or choose a recipe that you were dying to try. This should help you enjoy your cooking time. A Simple Guide to Enjoy Cooking

What are some easy to cook healthy breakfasts?

There is an umpteen number of options for you to choose from varying from fruit salads to scrambled eggs to veggie sandwiches.

How do I start cooking daily?

Cooking daily can be a bit difficult at the start. You can make a schedule for a week and then work for it. Also, do grocery shopping beforehand.


Eating healthy is always on our to-do list but it is often we fulfill it. We easily get distracted by those drool-worthy advertisements of big food-chain brands.

Eating out is not a sin, yet a bad habit indeed. Once a month would not affect your health or be heavy on your pocket. But a more regular approach could have a devastating result.

This is where cooking at home comes to our rescue. Homecooked food is always a wiser choice you should root for.

We hope we made a difference in your opinion if you though otherwise with this article. If it was worth your read, then do spread the love. Share it with your friends and family.