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dog on aeroplane
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Where Do Dogs Pee Or Poop On Flights?

Have you ever wondered where do dogs pee or poop on flights? When you are ready with your traveling bag and boarding pass and are all set for your first-ever flight with your dog. You probably do not need to worry about your dog needing the bathroom on a plane that’s only in the air […]

dadi maa ke nuskhe

Dadi Maa Ke Nuskhe In English – [Complete List]

Most of us have grown up with our grandmothers telling us to eat this or drink that when we have some common ailment. They have lived long enough to figure out what works best in these situations.  Therefore, instead of popping those pills, try these grandma-approved home remedies for your skin, hair, and health.  Dadi […]

difference between curd and yogurt

Difference Between Curd And Yogurt

Curd or yogurt? Are you also confused between the two? Or do you think that they are the same and synonyms to the same white dairy product? Maybe because they look the same, right? You are not alone in this dilemma. About half the population is confused between curd and yogurt and so were we. […]

the world's most expensive new year's fireworks display

World’s Most Expensive New Year’s Fireworks Display! [2020]

Welcoming the new year with great pomp and show is a custom that is followed all across the globe. Synonymous with new year’s celebrations are fireworks. Every year, countries spend millions of dollars on splendid firework displays. These generally last for a few minutes but offer the audience an adrenaline rush into the new year.  […]